Please help us Welcome our MOBILE section of OPSW! This is our Plank Line. We will bring our Workshop to you. These nights are perfect to bring a little extra business to your business. We will do all the back and front work, you would just supply us an area in your restaurant or store. These nights help both of our  businesses succeed. The above picture was taken at Pineland Brewing Company.

These were designed to help fill in that blank spot on your wall that just needs a little extra touch. This was also designed to give you a sampler of what we offer in our workshops, just a touch on all the options we offer. 

These signs are half the size of our regular workshop signs.  22x7.25. 

These workshops will be 1 1/2- 2 hours long. Basically, these signs are:

Half the Size

Half the Design Options

Half the Work

Half the Price

Half the time

Half the stain options

Half the paint.

There are no custom designs for these classes. 

Please choose your design on this website under PLANK signs. There are 30 as of right

Call to book your Mobile Workshop